East LA Interchange: A Documentary Exploration of Boyle Heights

Betsy Kalin


The documentary East LA Interchange (2015) has extraordinary potential to be used to increase awareness about our diverse, multicultural society and the specific challenges facing low-income communities of color. These communities’ residents are especially vulnerable to gentrification and displacement, and across the United States, we are currently seeing the impact of gentrification on our neighborhoods. One of the most important aspects of a documentary is what happens after the film is completed. We are in the process of creating a multiplatform strategic outreach campaign designed to engage youth and mobilize advocates around the issues addressed in the film. Our outreach and engagement goals are varied yet complementary to the themes in East LA Interchange. We believe that East LA Interchange’s message of empowerment through community action is one that can greatly benefit youth and adults in rapidly changing communities. Because Boyle Heights is one of the United States’ great places of diversity, inclusion, and tolerance, we would like the film to create momentum around social justice issues depicted in the film such as acceptance and appreciation of diversity, immigrant rights, environmental and transportation justice, urban development, and effective political representation.

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.15367/kf.v4i2.167


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